1. What is the liquid content in the heat pack? Is it safe?

- Medi-Heat packs are made with non-toxic ingredients, which contain sodium acetate (salt and vinegar). It is completely safe.

2. The heat pack does not seem to go back to clear even after boiling, why is that?
- You need to boil the heat pack until it become completely clear. If you can still see flakes inside, please boil the heat pack for an extra minute or so.

3. The heat pack is damaged while boiling, why?
- We strongly recommend you to place a tea towel underneath the heat pack in the pot to ensure that the plastic cover of the pack does not contact with the bottom of the pot while boiling.

4. The heat pack does not activate, why?
- You need to bend the metal disc back and forward few more times in order to activate bran new Medi-heat packs. Be sure that there is liquid touching the medal disc.

5. How long does heat pack stay warm for?
- Medi-Heat packs keep warm for 30 min to 2 hours depending on its size.

6. How many times can the heat pack be used?
- Medi-Heat pack can be used for around 1000 times or longer.

7. How can the pack be used as a cold pack?
- Place the clear pack in the fridge without flexing the metal disc. Store the pack in the fridge for an hour then simply apply to the area where you desire.

8. How long does delivery take if ordered the product via online?
- Please allow 2-6 business days for delivery within Australia.